Pedro is Chelsea's saviour in thrilling match against Frankfurt
Pedro is Chelsea's saviour in thrilling match against Frankfurt

Pedro is Chelsea’s saviour in thrilling match against Frankfurt

In what seemed to be a nail-biting Europa League semi-final, Chelsea was able to tie the match against Frankfurt thus keeping their hopes of winning the Europa League alive. The man responsible for making this happen was Pedro who looked to be the saviour of Chelsea.

The match began with a bit of surprise as head coach Maurizio Sarri, placed their star player Eden Hazard on the bench. The Blues were thus off to a shaky start, and were in total disarray and lacked rhythm during the early parts of the game.

Eintracht thus was able to take advantage of this and made quick work of the blues which saw them conceding a goal in the 23rd minute of the game. Filip Kostic took possession of the ball from Giroud and was able to deliver a superb cross to Frankfurt’s top scorer Luka Jovic. Jovic was able to steer the ball to the corner and gave Frankfurt the lead.

However, Sarri kept his head calm and trusted in the ability of his players on the pitch, and the team from the UK did not disappoint. They were able to make a swift and robust comeback which was nothing short of rewarding for the head coach.

Chelsea’s Spanish forward Pedro was able to deliver a crucial goal which saw the blues going for a tie with Frankfurt. It was the potent combination of Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Pedro which sealed their fate. After Frankfurt’s defenders lost possession of the ball, Ruben was able to secure an opening for Pedro, and the Spaniard did not disappoint.

There were a couple of close saves on both the sides; however, the blues had better possession, shots and shots on target. Predictions are now favouring towards Chelsea having higher chances of winning the Europa League; however, that is something which only time can tell.