You will be glad to hear that our betting experts will continue to track down the best football picks from a wide selection of sporting events and markets, and give their predictions on the most interesting matches every weekend.

As the most popular competition in the world, English Premier League is again set to take the centre stage, with the majority of predictions for football betting coming from England’s top flight, but match previews from other top leagues as well as two European competitions will be covered as well. Together with expert analysis, all football previews will be featuring the betting pick, the highest odds on that particular market as well as the bookmaker offering the odds in question.

Find The Best Picks And Previews For Football

Sports punters are a curious breed as they are not always prepared to listen to other people’s opinions and tend to work on their own, but realizing that no man can keep track of all the developments in the world of football by himself, we have eventually decided to establish our own soccer previews section, where our customers will have access to free soccer predictions from top European leagues.

While our sports writers will go the extra mile to find the soccer picks with the best value and will make sure every single pick is backed by facts and proper reasoning, you should use our predictions for football betting only as a helpful tool, since the final decision on who to back is ultimately up to you.

As we have already mentioned, rather than just telling you to back Manchester United or Barcelona when playing at home, at what are likely to be pathetic odds, our betting experts will be looking for the picks with the best value and the ones that could bring you nice profit.

Our free football predictions will be presented to you in a simple format, designed to give you an expert insight into the match in question. Following a short introduction will be a longer paragraph about the home side, the team’s current form and performance in the last few games. It will also contain important injury and suspensions news, so that you are fully informed on all the players likely to be missing from the starting line-up.

The away side will be reviewed in the same manner, by which time you should already have realized how the game is expected to unfold, with a conclusion paragraph designed to sum things up and give reasons for choosing one particular market. Just to make your life easier, the highest odds available on the market in question as well as the bookmaker offering them will be listed below the actual pick.

With football being pretty unpredictable sport in which the best team do not always win, there is every chance that our football predictions will not always be successful, but you can be sure that our team of writers will give their best to achieve a positive record over the course of a season.