Accumulator betting tips

Scroll through the internet and look at the banner headlines for any online betting site and, almost without fail, you will find them advertising “football accumulator tips for today”, or “football accumulator tips for this weekend”. To decipher these terms and decide whether betting on an accumulator is something that interests you, then it is necessary to provide an explanation of this popular betting strategy.

An accumulator – also known as a combo bet – combines two or more wagers in a single one. By its very nature, an accumulator is dependent for success on all the individual wagers combined within it succeeding.  For example, you might bet on the result of three football matches.

How much can you win with football accumulator tips for today?

The benefit of an accumulator is that, the pay-out can be much greater than with a single bet. The downside is that if one element of the wager fails, then the bet is void.

A football accumulator works by combining the odds of separate bets into one. For example, you could bet separately on the outcome of three football matches, and, if each of your bets were to succeed, then the individual pay-outs would be less than if all three of those bets had been combined in a single bet. However, with single bets, one, or even feasibly, two of those bets might have failed, and you could still have ended-up in a net profit situation, whereas, with the accumulator, everything would have been lost.

Football Accumulator Tips Strategies

When considering whether to adopt this betting strategy, important accumulator tips is to understand the bookmaker’s viewpoint. Given that when they have to pay-out on a successful accumulator bet, they have to return a substantial amount of money to a punter for a relatively small sum of money staked, then you might think that they would be actively discouraging their customers from making accumulator bets. But far from it.

In fact, bookmakers offer a wide range of promotions and special offers to encourage accumulators, such as weekend football accumulator tips, or the offer of bonuses to players which increase depending on the number of selections a player has in the bet.  And, when somebody has a big win on an accumulator, the bookmaker will heavily advertise it.

The reason for these apparent contradictory behaviours is simple. Accumulator bets fail much more often than they succeed. Big wins actually serve as a loss leader for a bookmaker. Whilst they have to suffer the short-term loss of a big pay-out to one customer, they relying on the publicity it garners to attract many more customers, and the money that they bet, and subsequently lose, on accumulators, more than covers any losses.

This is perhaps one of the biggest accumulator tips of them all. Do not mistake bookmakers for charitable organisations. They are capitalist organisations with shareholders to answer to, whose principal economic rationale is to make a profit. Behind all their promotions, give-ways and weekend football accumulator tips, there has been rigorous statistical analysis of probabilities and risk. This odds are always in their favour.

Advantages of football accumulator tips for this weekend

Bear this in mind when bookmakers offer pre-selected football accumulator tips for today on major match days. The matches that they have selected for inclusion have a reason. That is why you need to do your own research and analysis on the teams, league and matches.

If you do not feel comfortable with the accumulator tips provided, or with the odds on offer, ignore the promotional offers and promises of free bets, and either choose your own multiple bets, or pass on the opportunity altogether. There will be other opportunities to bet another day.

Another important football accumulator tips is to stay away from combination bets which involve too many selections. Put simply, the more bets you include in your accumulator, easiest for something to go wrong. Smart gamblers will go for accumulators with more than 4 teams or bets, because the odds are just too long.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when assembling an accumulator bet is just to focus on the potential pay-out rather than the likelihood of each individual bet coming up. As with any form of sports betting, a key accumulator betting tip is to think with your head. Choose teams with short odds, and, unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, always bet on favourites.  Whilst the pay-out may be less, there is a greater likelihood of the bet succeeding. There is less excitement in betting this way but, in terms of risk and reward, is a sensible betting strategy.

How you pick good accumulator betting tips

One accumulator betting tips to be considered is to take advantage of the “cash out” option typically offered by many online bookmakers.

Cash-out is an option normally offered by bookmakers as part of Live – or In-Play – Betting, and allows the punter to get back money before a sporting event is actually finished. The amount of money that they get back is determined at the point that they choose to cash-out, and depends upon the likelihood at that time of their original bet succeeding.

From the perspective of the bettor, cash-out offers two principal advantages. Firstly they got to secure any profit on a bet without having to wait until finish. The money that they get back can be used to reinvest in other bets. Secondly, they can cut their losses if they see that their bet is about to go spectacularly wrong, and at least salvage some money from their wager. The downside from their point of view is that, if the bet is a winning one, they will not get as much money from it than if they had stuck with it to the end.

Naturally, we again need to consider this from the aspect of the bookmaker.  They do not want customers to cash out early, especially if some of their selections are losing. So the pay-out on offer will be substantially less than if all the bets had matured and were successful. However, the old adage a “bird in the hand” should be borne in mind. Whilst the pay-out can be less, it may be a better strategy to accept a lower profit. Rather than risk losing it all if the outcome in one of your matches suddenly goes against you.



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