Machester united failures
Machester united failures

Who is responsible for Manchester United’s failures?

  • The defeat of Manchester United at Everton was not because of the need for a director of football.
  • Nor was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to blame, or the past manager, José Mourinho.
  • Also, Mourinho was not entirely at fault during the third season at Old Trafford.
  • And even now under Solskjaer, United season is failing again.
  • Looking back at the past six years with Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, Manchester United lost not only an exceptional manager but also a director of football. The Scot’s spirit was such that he could take care of his squad, the football tactics, recruitment that led the club to success but now has been going down significantly.

    Manchester United then appointed David Moyes served only ten months following an eventual removal by Old Trafford administration. After Moyes, the club chose Louis Van Gaal, but he got sacked soon after United won the FA Cup.

    Old Trafford hierarchy then appointed Jose Mourinho as the manager. The world-class Portuguese’s tenure at United saw him winning three trophies during the first season and second place in the second season, but everything went wrong for him in the third season. But, was Mourinho entirely at fault for United’s misfortune?

    United’s defeat at Everton demonstrates the same problem under Solskjaer as the club’s level of success sorely goes down. Solskjaer is not to blame as all he did was unifying the club. And is this how he is acknowledged?

    The three bosses after Ferguson failed to lead the club back on track. Ed Woodward also received a share of the club’s failures as he is the man behind recruiting these managers and players.

    And the idea that appointing a director of football could push United to success is just ludicrous. The club, no doubt needs a director and an able manager to steer the players in a clear track, but that is not an excuse for the crushing defeat at Everton.

    United’s failure has to do with the squad. Every single player underperformed in the last few weeks and deserved to be called out for it. They have no justification for their poor showcases. The players at Manchester United are rotten, and there is no one to blame but themselves.

    What United needs is a big summer clear outs and smart recruitment if they wish to level up with Liverpool and Manchester City. As per the UK predictions on Manchester United’s summer clearout, several professional players might be passed on, and some recruits assumed to be coming under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.