All Teams

All Teams is an offering made by bookmakers that allow punters to place a bet on a particular team – or group of teams in the case of an accumulator bet – irrespective of the football league in which they play.

In principle, bets are available on any team in any league of the world. However, betting markets tend to focus on the major European leagues such as England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

When betting on a football team, it is better if you have some familiarity with them beforehand. This means understanding not only the league in which they play and their relative positioning within it, but also the playing squad, style of play, attacking and defensive strengths and weaknesses, and the extent to which their performance affect by injuries and suspensions. It also means understanding the opposition. Even football’s best teams have sides that they struggle against, or who have a psychological edge over them, so it is important to know about rivalries, and the recent record of head-to-head encounters.

There are a number of bets that you can make on football teams. The simplest of all is to predict the actual outcome of a match – home win, draw, or away win. There are more advanced alternatives like correct score – either at half-time or full-time – and the popular option of betting on the aggregate number of goals scored in a match, either over or under the mark set by the bookmaker.

Many people who bet have a particular football team, or teams that they support. However, do not let your heart rule your head when it comes to All Teams bets. Be ready to make bets agains your team. That is particularly true if they are playing one of football’s best teams. That way, if your team lose, you still have the consolation of a winning bet. And, if they pull off a surprise win, the elation of that will console you for losing your bet.