Real Madrid potentially eyeing for Ajax’s Donny Van de Beek
Real Madrid potentially eyeing for Ajax’s Donny Van de Beek

Real Madrid potentially eyeing for Ajax’s Donny Van de Beek in case Paul Pogba’s deal fails to materialise.

Ajax’s sensational 21 year old midfielder Donny Van de Beek has been under Real Madrid’s radar for quite some time and has become a potential target for Real Madrid’s summer acquisition. Predictions are already pouring in stating that Zinedine Zidane is looking to overhaul his club after an unimpressive season.

It is no secret that Real Madrid’s primary target is none other than Manchester United’s Paul Pogba. However, since the French national commands a huge wage, and with rumours of Hazard being signed to the Bernabeu, the club is open to more affordable alternatives.

Van de Beek no doubt has been putting a consistent and impressive performance for Ajax and this has attracted a lot of attention. The 21 year old midfielder has scored an impressive 16 goals coupled with 11 assists and this has made him a star player for Ajax. His most impressive performance was in the Champions League semi-final match against Tottenham where he scored the winning goal which led to a tie.

Real Madrid as such has been thoroughly impressed with the level of performance shown by Dutch midfielder. Donny Van de Beek’s has been known to show a good amount of physicality, while also displaying superb interception and tackling skills making him a force to be reckoned with.

Another reason as to why Real Madrid may be looking to acquire Van de Beek instead of Paul Pogba may be due to the fees. The Bernabeu has reportedly finalised a deal with Hazard who plays for UK based club Chelsea. His transfer fee is said to be no less than a hundred million Euros. Pogba will definitely command a high transfer fee as well, and this is not in favour of Real Madrid.

Donny Van de Beek’s transfer fee is rumoured to be around the €60million mark and this is a good number for the people at the Bernabeu. Ajax has had an impressive performance this season and regardless of their outcome in the Champions league, Van de Beek’s transfer in inevitable.