Merseyside Police arrests six Liverpool fans in Barcelona
Merseyside Police arrests six Liverpool fans in Barcelona

Merseyside Police arrests six Liverpool fans in Barcelona ahead of Champions League semi-final

In what can be termed as a major embarrassment, six Liverpool fans were arrested by Merseyside police in Barcelona ahead of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final in which Liverpool faced Barcelona. They arrested individuals thus couldn’t watch the highly anticipated semi-final match between the two football giants.

The Merseyside police arrested the six Liverpool fans on charges of unruly behaviour and public order offences. They were taken into custody and spent two nights in the police station after which they appeared before a judge before being released.

The court, however, has yet to pass a verdict on the case, and the six individuals have been told to return on a later date to know their fate. The date of their hearing is also yet to be made public; however, the six individuals can return to the UK as no restrictions have been made regarding their stay.

A judicial spokesman for the court stated that the case is being processed in the fastest way possible to ensure a speedy trial. The spokesman also stated that they might be charged with atentado, which would translate to assaulting a police officer, while also exhibiting intimidation and resistance to the law.

The arrested Liverpool fans were seen throwing things at police officers, in which beer cans were hurled as well. As a result of their actions, two hotel workers were hurt and required medical attention. If these individuals are found guilty by the court predictions are in stating that they may face jail time of up to four years.

Liverpool’s CEO Peter Moore has responded to the incident, urging the club fans to behave appropriately. He also encouraged the fans to have a good time while also treating the city with the utmost respect, grace and humility. Liverpool has also condemned the unacceptable behaviour of their fans and has agreed to give full cooperation to prevent such cases from happening.