Patrick Bamford awarded two-match ban for deceiving the referee
Patrick Bamford awarded two-match ban for deceiving the referee

Leeds United Forward Patrick Bamford awarded two-match ban for deceiving the referee

In a drama filled match between Leeds and Aston Villa, Patrick Bamford the 25-year-old Leeds forward has been awarded a two match-ban for deceiving the match referee Stuart Atwell.

Patrick Bamford was found guilty of successfully deceiving the match referee, which led to the referee handing out a red card to Aston Villa’s Anwar El Ghazi. The red card, however, was rescinded after finding out that El Ghazi was innocent by an independent panel.

The incident happened as a result of a mass altercation between the two teams, which saw the English forward falling to the ground while clutching his face. Bamford through his actions tried to imply that Aston’s Anwar El Ghazi elbow came in contact with his face.

The FA after concluding that no such thing happened has announced that Patrick Bamford will be banned from playing two matches which are the Sunday’s match against Ipswich and the first leg of the semi-finals respectively.

The entire drama occurred as a result of the controversial goal which was scored by Leeds’ polish midfielder Mateusz Klich. Klich scored the goal even as Aston Villa’s players came to a halt owing to Aston’s Jonathan Kodjia’s suffering an injury.

As a sign of sportsmanship and to ease tension Leeds’ manager Marcelo Bielsa allowed Aston Villa to score an equaliser. However, it may also be noted that Bamford has denied the charges levelled against him, while Leeds also appealed for a sensible sanction.

Unsurprisingly both UK based clubs are being fined for the second time just this season, as they have failed to control their players. Leeds was involved in an altercation with Bolton, while Aston Villa was entangled in a skirmish with Birmingham. Predictions are coming in stating that both clubs might file for an appeal to the FA.