All Leagues

Whilst bookmakers will often advertise the possibility to bet on all leagues, it is important to understand what this means. In reality, depending on the bookmaker in question, all leagues may include the major professional leagues in Europe and South America, as well as divisions like the MLS in America, the Scottish Premiership, the Australian A League and the Indian Super League.

The main betting markets focus around the top five leagues in Europe โ€“ England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain โ€“ as well as English second divisions and German football, Championship and Bundesliga 2.

In terms of football league tips, the first advice is to stick to a league with which you are familiar. Whilst there may be good value betting on Spanish football, if you know nothing about la Liga and how it works, then best to stay away from it.

Even if you think you know a league though, take the time to research teams and players, and current form. For example, whilst one team may be stronger generally than an opponent on paper, they could be affected by injuries or suspensions, or choose to rest important players ahead of a key European tie.

Understand also that not all football leagues are equally competitive. In France and Italy, teams like PSG and Juventus are almost certain to win the league title each season. However, in England, the situation is different. Four or five teams are potential champions, which makes it more difficult to predict, but offers more excitement.

As a final football league tip, keep a record of all your bets โ€“ what has succeeded, and what has failed. This will enable you to tailor your betting strategy in future, and increase your overall chances of winning.