UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is a brand new international competition. Introduced in 2018 because players and fans alike, had become bored and disinterested in the rounds of meaningless international friendlies. It gives supporters a tournament to watch between the World Cup and the Euros. Also provides an alternative for qualification to the European Championship.

Some important points to know when making Nations League predictions.

The Nations League sees European teams split in to four groups. The strongest teams are in Group A, and the weakest in Group D according to the UEFA coefficient. Teams in each Group split into smaller groups of teams who play each other on a mini-league basis.

A promotion and relegation system is in place whereby the teams that finish bottom of their league relegate and are replace by the team that finishes top of the league below them. The four Group A winners go on to contest as knock-out tournament to decide the overall winner.

The tournament also offers another route for teams to qualify for the European Championship. If they don't qualify automatically for that tournament, Group winners of the Nations League get a play-off spot in the competition to decide the final teams to contest the Euros.

The most common UEFA Nations League predictions are to forecast which teams will be promoted or relegated from each Group. Although the tournament, critics and fans were initially skeptical, it has proved popular, matches are competitive and need to be researched thoroughly before place any bet.

With the group phases completed in 2018, the only Nations League predictions are the winners and semi-finalists. Four teams will contest the finals in June 2019. However, it will resume again in 2020, so there will be plenty of teams to make UEFA Nations League predictions.