Other Leagues

Virtually every country in the world has its own football leagues. That means there are bookmakers and odds-makers willing to create a market where bets can be made on local fixtures.

In reality, those who wish to make other league predictions will focus their attention on Europe, South America and one or two other carefully selected markets. These leagues – away from the main competitions in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – do attract their own fair share of attention and betting revenue, and information about them and the teams involved, is widely available.

These include Scotland, Sweden, Portugal, Holland and Belgium. Punters may already get the chance to watch some of these leagues on their local television, and the major teams involved will often be familiar to them through the Champions League or the Europa League, for example.

Brazil and Argentina are obvious countries to consider, further afield, the Indian or the Australian League can also be considered.

Betting on other league can offer good value for those who are familiar with them. These Leagues offer better prices than some of the more traditional competitions. This is because there are less statistical analysis on these matches. In the most followed leagues there may be more variety of bets than in the lower ones.

However, this does not mean that we shoud let common sense behind when making other league predictions. If you know nothing about Dutch football, do not bet on the Eredivisie, just because the odds look attractive. And, if you want to bet, don't forget to do your homework on the teams, players, form, fitness, suspensions, etc.