MLS (Major League Soccer) is the highest level of professional football in North America. Currently comprising 24 teams – 21 in the US and 3 in Canada – is the fastest growing leagues in the world. Attracting large crowds and an increasingly high standard of players, particularly from South America.

Unlike most other leagues, there is no promotion or relegation. This protect franchises from the economic effects of performance on the field, and allows them time to grow and prosper. Instead, they vote new sides for – expansion teams – when these can provide a financial case for admission to the league.

In terms of useful MLS betting tips, focus on the 14 teams who will make the end of season play-offs. Also you can focus on the team who can lift up the trophy at the end of the season. Alternatively, another MLS prediction is which side will win the Supporters’ Shield. This award goes for the side that finishes the regular season with the best overall record.

The MLS is still a young lead – it only began in 1996 – so teams have yet to acquire much history or tradition. This means making MLS predictions is harder than for many other leagues, so even more attention needs to be paid to current form, the relative strengths of squads, performances at home and on the road, and on the impact of injuries and suspensions when making betting selections.

However, in terms of MLS betting tips, a handful of teams have established themselves as the most successful franchises, so these should always be considered. They include LA Galaxy, the team that David Beckham once played for, and DC United, the side that Beckham’s former England team mate, Wayne Rooney currently represents. New York Red Bulls, Columbus Crew and San Jose Earthquakes are also worth following.