La Liga

La Liga is the third most lucrative league in Europe, and represents the top echelon of professional football in Spain. It features teams that are global household names like Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as some of the world’s most iconic players, including Lionel Messi. However, whilst there are many opportunities to bet on La Liga, before you follow the La Liga Predictions today which are advertised by many bookmakers, it is necessary to understand something about the format of the league and how it works. La Liga consists of twenty teams which play each other home and away in the course of the season. The season runs from August to May. Teams compete for the title, European places, and prize money (depending on league position). The team that finishes with the most points will win the league, whilst the teams that finish second, third and fourth, will join it, because of Spain’s coefficient according to UEFA – the governing body of football in Europe – in the following season’s Champions League. In the event of a tie, goal difference separate the teams. The team that finishes fifth will qualify for the following season’s UEFA League. There are two more UEFA League spots available. One of these will go to the Spanish Cup winner, and the other to the sixth team in the table. In the event that the winner of the cup – the Copa del Rey –has already qualified for Europe, their place goes to the team that finishes 7th in the league. At the other end of the table, the three teams that finish bottom of the table at the end of the season are relegated down to the Spanish second division (Segundo División).

When are the La Liga Betting Predictions available

When considering La Liga predictions it is important to understand the economics of the game in Spain. The League is dominated by two teams – Real Madrid and Barcelona. They have the biggest budgets and greatest share of revenue from TV and broadcasters. That means that they can afford to buy the best players and hire the best coaches. This means that there is little value to be had in terms of La Liga Betting predictions on who will win the league. It will be one of the two teams and to bet on any other team is probably wasting your money. Better value is betting on which teams will come after that in La Liga table. The current season is a case in point. Any La Liga Predictions today for Getafe or Alavés at the start of the season would probably have featured  both sides in La Liga betting tips for them to be either mid-table come May, or battling relegation. These two clubs in the end of the season are in the fight for the Champions League place. Another popular bet is to predict which teams will be relegated at the end of the season. Conventional wisdom, reflected in many La Liga betting tips, is to focus on those teams that were promoted at the end of last season because often they find the step up in terms of class and playing standards difficult to handle. And anybody who made bets on this basis this season would have seen their La Liga predictions borne out. Last season’s Segunda División champions and runners-up – Rayo Vallecano and Huesca – are currently filling the bottom two places in La Liga. And the team that came up with them, Valladolid, is amongst three teams scrapping for survival just above them.

La Liga Predictions for Today

Rather than bet on the outcome of a season, players instead may be interested In betting on individual matches. If so, they can find lots of opportunities in La Liga Predictions today offered by many online bookmakers; whether they are novices and are just interested in pre-game betting, or are more experienced players and want to take part in in-play, or live action, betting. Such options include betting on the outcome of the game, betting on the correct score, the first team to score or the identity of the first goal scorer. They may also want to take part in over 2.5 goals betting, one of the most popular of all football wagers, which essentially is a La Liga prediction that the aggregate number of goals in a game will be three or more. And then there are accumulator bets – also popularly known as parlay bets – where the bet is not just on the outcome of one match or outcome, but on several bets combined into one. These offer attractive pay-outs but, the same La Liga betting tips apply as with any other market. Do not combine more than three or four bets in the same accumulator, and choose short odds favourites for each individual element of the bet. It is always wiser to reduce the risk of such bets, even if the amount to won is also reduced.

Use strategy to bet on La Liga Betting Tips

Before making any La Liga predictions take the time also to research the teams involved. Look at the league tables and see which teams are in form, and who is going through a sticky patch. Is either team likely to be affected by suspensions or injuries to key players?  And what about forthcoming fixtures? A team like Real or Barcelona that has a key Champions League fixture coming up may choose to rest some of their stars for a domestic league match, which could give lesser teams a chance to pull off a surprise win or draw that they would not normally be expected to achieve. Devoting the time to a little homework first will improve the accuracy of your La Liga Betting predictions, and help ensure better pay-outs and more enjoyment. Last 10 winners of La Liga:
  • ( 2017 – 2018 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2016 – 2017 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2015 – 2016 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2014 – 2015 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2013 – 2014 ) Atlético Madrid
  • ( 2012 – 2013 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2011 – 2012 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2010 – 2011 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2009 – 2010 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2008 – 2009 ) FC Barcelona