International Friendlies

As the name suggests, international friendlies are not competitive fixtures. These games are played between nations outside regular tournaments such as the World Cup, Euros, or Copa America.

They take place during the officially sanctioned FIFA international breaks in the football calendar. It can involve teams from the same confederation or between sides from different regions altogether.

Whilst there is a market for making international friendly predictions, it is important to know that this is not a very popular betting forum. The reason for this is that, unless the friendly is between two teams with a long-standing rivalry, such as England and Germany for example, there is not a lot riding on the result. Friendlies are not popular with several interested parties.

Players don't like them. Adding another fixture in what is already an overcrowded calendar can be very tiring. The clubs that employ the players don't like to release them because of the risk that they could get injured. And the paying public will often turn their nose up as well – attendances are always higher for competitive games.

If you do want to bet on such matches, one important international friendly tip is to study the two teams, and try to assess how seriously the countries involved are taking the fixture. Another important friendly tip is to wait until the day of the game itself and see the actual players involved. Certain players can make the diference between winning or loosing.

Many times players will drop out of a friendly with the sort of injury that would not have caused them to miss a league game. And also some national managers will use friendlies to blood new players in the team. This can affect the likelihood of your bet on a particular result from succeeding.