Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is the secondary international club competition for European teams after the Champions League. It is an important market for those who enjoy sports betting; however, before giving any Europa League tips, the format of the tournament should be explained.

Qualification for the competition is open to teams playing across all the European leagues which depending on their strength are offered either three or two spots in the tournament each year.

Every individual football confederation has their own criteria for eligibility; some base it on final league position, some on performance in domestic cup competition, and others on a combination of the two.

Teams from the major European leagues are often seeded and automatically given a place in the Group stage. Other teams face a series of qualifying rounds to determine which teams join them in the group stages which consists of 48 teams, who split into 12 mini-leagues of 4 teams.

These teams play each other in a mini-league basis home and away with the top two in each group progressing through to the knock-out phases where they are joined by the eight teams that finished third In the Champions League Group phases.

The 32 teams that are left now compete in a knock-out tournament played on a home and away basis to produce two sides to compete in a one-off final which is held in a different European city every year. As with the Champions League various cities compete to hold the final each year.

The winner of the final not only gets to lift the cup but also gains automatic entry into the Champions League for the following season. Teams also earn prize money which is allocated on how far they get in the competition.

Europa League Tips

  In terms of Europa League predictions it is a more difficult competition to forecast because the composition of it changes each year. Whereas with the Champions League the teams that take part do not vary greatly from year to year, there is more of a churn of sides, particularly from the major leagues. Teams may appear in the Europa League one year but could then be absent from it for a number of subsequent seasons because they have graduated to the Champions League.  Liverpool, for example, are the second most successful team in the competition’s history, but have not featured in it for several seasons.

Instead of betting on who win and progress far in the tournament, many people prefer to bet on individual matches. As with any football market, there are a vast number of online betting options available :

  • Full time
  • Correct score
  • Over/(under) 2.5 goals
  • First goal scorer and many more.

  • And online bookmakers offer either pre-game or in-action betting. In terms of UEFA Europa League betting tips, if you are just starting out in sports betting, or are not good at thinking on your feet or making quick decisions, then stick to pre-game betting. On the other hand, if you want more excitement, and are prepared to react quickly to developments in a game as it is actually happening then in-game betting may be for you. However, make sure that you live in an area or country with a fast internet connection. Odds change quickly and you need to constantly adjust your strategy.

    Odds and fixtures of UEFA Europa League Betting Tips

      Therefore, in terms of UEFA Europa League betting tips, whilst it is tempting to make predictions early as to who will win it, it is better to wait until the knockout phases are reached. This not only helps identify the stronger teams in the competition so far, but also factors in which teams will be dropping from the Champions League into this tournament. Such teams can have a big impact on Europa League predictions, particularly because of the prize of Champions League football for the eventual winner.

    As with most other football competitions, teams with the biggest budgets and resources tend to get to the final stages of the Europa League. So, if you are trying to make a bet on the eventual winner or teams to reach the semi-finals or beyond, a common-sense Europa League tip is to focus on sides from one of the top five European Leagues – Spain, Italy, France, England, and Germany.

    Last 10 winners of UEFA Europa League:

  • ( 2017 – 2018 ) Atlético Madrid
  • ( 2016 – 2017 ) Manchester United
  • ( 2015 – 2016 ) Sevilla FC
  • ( 2014 – 2015 ) Sevilla FC
  • ( 2013 – 2014 ) Sevilla FC
  • ( 2012 – 2013 ) Chelsea
  • ( 2011 – 2012 ) Atlético Madrid
  • ( 2010 – 2011 ) FC Porto
  • ( 2009 – 2010 ) Atlético Madrid
  • ( 2008 – 2009 ) Shakhtar Donetsk

  • Another recommendation in terms of Europa League predictions is to focus on sides that take the competition seriously. Some bigger European sides in the past have disrespected the tournament by putting out weaker sides in group phases.  Inevitably, such attitudes rebound on them in the end, and they fail to go as far in the tournament as their playing strength and financial resources suggest that they might.

    Europa League Accumulator Betting Tips from our Tipsters

      One popular option is an accumulator, where you can bet for several matches in a single bet. In terms of Europa League accumulator betting tips, the first advice is not to be too greedy. Do not combine too many matches in one bet. The more games you have in a single bet, the greater chance that one result ruin the entire bet. The prevalent wisdom is that an accumulator should contain no more than three, or at most four, separate events or matches, joined in one bet.

    Another Europa League accumulator betting tip is to focus on favourites. A series of bets on short-priced teams, if it succeeds, will start earn you a very decent pay-out. Not as much as if a series of underdogs all won their matches, but much more likely to succeed.

    A generic Europa League tip is to do your research on teams and the opposition before you stake any money. Learn which teams are strong at home or weak on the road, who has the best attack and/or defence, and see if injuries or suspensions to key players are likely to have a significant impact on how a team is likely to perform.

    Finally, when making Europa League predictions follow your head not your heart. If you are on a losing streak, do not just double your bets to try and recover your money. Stop, take a break, analyse what has gone wrong, and adjust your betting strategy.