Champions League

The UEFA Champions League – formerly known as the European Cup – is the premier continental cup competition for European teams. It is contested from late June to the end of May the following year, when the finals are held in a venue that alternates each year, with varying European cities competing to host the event. However, whilst it is an attractive market on which to bet, it is important to understand the tournament a little further before giving any Champions League tips.

Teams that finish champions of their respective European leagues gain automatic entrance to the competition, entering either the qualifying rounds or, if their league is judged strong enough by UEFA – the governing body of European football – entering directly into the Group Stages.  Teams that finish in the top two, three, or even four places in their respective leagues also gain entry to the competition. Either qualify for the Group Stages or have to play a series of qualifying games. Therefore, a strong league like England or Spain may have three or even four teams in the competition, whereas a weaker league like Estonia will only be eligible to enter one team.

In addition the holders of the trophy from the previous season are eligible to enter the qualifying competition if they have not pre-qualified by virtue of their league position.

Champions League Group Stage Qualifiers

Once the qualifying rounds have been completed, 32 teams are left which are sorted into 8 mini-leagues of 4 teams. Each team plays the other on a home and away basis, to determine the top two teams in each group. Teams are seeded according to their European record, and, in the Group phases, teams from the same country cannot play each other.

The top two teams in each group qualifying for the knock-out phases of the competition; the team that finishes third drops into UEFA’s secondary competition, the Europa League; and the fourth team is eliminated altogether.

In the knock-out phase, teams play each other home and away in a series of randomly drawn matches until the two finalists are produced, who play in a one-off final. Prize money is also allocated to all teams – the further that they go in the competition, the more they earn.

When are the Champions League Bets Predictions available?

In terms of Champions League Bets predictions there are a number of ways to wager on the tournament. For example, both at the start and during the competition, bookmakers will offer UEFA Champions League predictions where you can bet on the winner, finalists, semi-finalists or teams that will qualify from the Group phases of the competition. They also advertise Champions League betting accumulator tips which are recommendations on how to make combined bet on several results.

Before making any Champions League Bet predictions, a wise precaution is to take time to do a little research first. If you want to bet on who will go far in the competition, useful Champions League betting tip is to look at the recent history of the tournament.  That will tell you that Spanish teams tend to do very well - they have won it for the past five years (however, the winners of four out of five of those tournaments, Real Madrid have been knocked out this year so do not include them in any Champions League predictions for 2019)!

Teams from the Premier League – like Liverpool, Manchester United or Manchester City – often qualify from the Group phase, but do not always reach the finals. Liverpool last season were an exception, but UEFA Champions League predictions for 2019 need to reflect the fact that, this season, four out of the eight quarter-finalists are English. Italian teams also have a strong history in the competition, particularly Juventus, although they haven't actually won it since 1996. However, they might have a good Champions League tip for 2019 as they have the top scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Win easy with Champions League Tips

An alternative way of making champions league predictions is to bet either on a single game, or a two-legged tie. If you are betting on single matches, then look for teams that are strong at home. Another important Champions League tip, particularly in the Group phases, is to look at the relative strength of the leagues.  PSV Eindhoven may have been Dutch champions last year, but they stood little chance of progressing out of a group that included Tottenham (third in the Premier League) and Inter Milan (fourth in Serie A) as well as Barcelona.

When making Champions League predictions, it is also important to remember the rule that away goals count double in Europe. This means that, in the event of a draw over two legs, then the team that has scored the most goals away from home will be declared the winner.  Whilst this is less relevant in the Group phases, this rule can be very important when it comes to UEFA Champions League predictions in the knock-out phases of the competition.

So, if you are betting on the outcome of a knock-out tie, if you are betting ahead of the matches, look for teams that usually score, even if they are away from home. Or if you are looking for Champions League betting accumulator tips for the second legs of matches, think about selecting those teams that scored away from home in the first leg, even if they lost. That is because they have a good chance of turning it around in the second leg.

How Champions league betting accumulator tips can make you win big?

If you are considering making a parlay bet, the same Champions League betting accumulator tips apply as with any such bets. First of all, remember that while the pay-out may seem attractive and be heavily advertised, the reason that when people win big they get a lot of press is for a reason. Such wins are rare, so bookmakers are happy to draw people attention, knowing many more will lose than win money.

Secondly, do not include too many matches in your accumulator – no more than three or four. Football is an unpredictable game, and it just takes one result to go against you and the whole bet fails. Finally choose favourites – better a smaller potential pay-out with a better chance of winning, than a wager on long shots.

Last 10 winners of UEFA Champions League:

  • ( 2017 – 2018 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2016 – 2017 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2015 – 2016 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2014 – 2015 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2013 – 2014 ) Real Madrid
  • ( 2012 – 2013 ) Bayern Munich
  • ( 2011 – 2012 ) Chelsea
  • ( 2010 – 2011 ) FC Barcelona
  • ( 2009 – 2010 ) Inter Milan
  • ( 2008 – 2009 ) FC Barcelona