Hazard's transfer to Real Madrid
Hazard's transfer to Real Madrid

Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid finalised and set to be announced on May 12th

Belgium superstar and Chelsea’s star forward Eden Hazard is all set to move to Real Madrid, and the deal reportedly has been finalised. Real Madrid wishes to announce on May 12th, however, will remain tight-lipped should Chelsea reach the Europa League finals.

Eden Hazard has been playing for the blues for seven years, and during this period the Belgian forward has made quite a name for himself. With the blues, he has won both the League Club and Europa League once and the Premier League titles twice. Hazard has also won numerous player awards and is also one of the UK club’s top scorers.

However, it is no secret that Hazard is in search of greener pastures and has been teasing his fans for quite some time of a potential transfer to the Bernabeu. This is further supported by the fact that Zinedine Zidane is looking for newer talent. He is reportedly more than ready to spend big to take Real Madrid to greater heights.

Multiple sources point to the fact that the transfer deal has already been finalised between the two clubs. Predictions are in stating that the deal may be announced on May 12th. However, since Chelsea is midway through the Europa League semi-finals, they are trying to keep it a low affair to keep the players focused and free from distractions which might affect their game.

With that said, the transfer fee surrounding Eden Hazard has still not been revealed. Rumours, however, suggest that Chelsea will expect no less than £100million for their 28 years old forward as his contracts come to a close this year. Eden Hazard is considered by many to be the backbone of Chelsea, and with him changing ships, it may be time for Chelsea to find a worthy successor.