chelsea vs burnley
chelsea vs burnley

Burnley performed a monumental show of defence at Chelsea

  • Burnley team presented an impressive defensive performance to secure a point against Chelsea
  • Sean Dyche’s squad stayed compact in their 4-4-2 team formation and worked successfully as a crew
  • Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea team had 76.3 percent ball possession and 22 shots in the match
  • Burnley battled and defended and so are just about safe for another season in the Premier League
  • I don’t think anyone had witnessed a solid defensive display than the one performed by Burnley at Stamford Bridge in Fulham. It was a master class defence performance exhibited by Sean Dyche’s squad.

    Chelsea team under Maurizio Sarri scored 76.3 percent ball possession and a total of 22 shots. However, Burnley players defended by giving all their efforts as if their entire lives depend on it. All the players remain focussed to their task during the game.

    The Burnley squad remained close in their 4-4-2 team formation, each of them moving smoothly across, no one ever running independently but stuck to their commitment, and with Ben Mee and James Tarkowski providing continuous clearances for the team.

    The Clarets’ midfielders unified with the defenders and worked as protection while the forwards carried on with the ball whenever they got any chances. It was undoubtedly a master class in defending as a team.

    Burnley defended and battled and was entirely engaged in playing the match and made no excuses for their sheer dedication. And now predictions state Burnley is all but safe for another season in the Premier League.

    The club players have had to struggle hard to achieve what they have. Burnley has a small squad and had endured a tumultuous start to the season, and the Europa League had slowed them down.

    Burnley would have to wrestle to secure a place, and that is what the team did against Chelsea. It was indeed an impressive defence performance.