Weekend Football Predictions

Football is the most popular sport in the world, not only when it comes to participation and people watching, but also in terms of gambling on weekend tips, with billions of dollars bet on the sport each year.

While football is played every day of the week, particularly high profile competitions like the Champions League are during the weekend, when people have more time and leisure to attend a match or watch a game. Most matches still take place at weekends, which means that there are more games to bet on than other days.

The good news for those wanting to bet on matches is they do not have to wait for the weekend. They can make their football predictions for the weekend during the week before, or even several weeks in advance. Whilst most bookmakers offer odds on a variety of weekend football fixture predictions, some leagues attract more interest than others.

Best leagues for your football predictions for the weekend

  The following are widely considered the best leagues when it comes to making weekend football predictions.

  • Premier League: The English Premier League is the most followed league in the world because of the intensity of the competition, and the fierce rivalry between the teams. Every Premier League team has a legion of global fans in very corner of the world.
  • Championship: The English Championship is the wealthiest and most followed non-top tier football league in the world. The 24 teams striving for promotion to the Premier League, or to avoid relegation to League One.
  • La Liga: The top of Spanish football features two of the top teams in the world ( Barcelona and Real Madrid ). These two teams and Atletico Madrid have the best players in La Liga, including the incomparable Lionel Messi.
  • Bundesliga: German Bundesliga is known for the passion of its fans and the attacking nature of its football. Bayern Munich is the team that dominate Bundesliga for the recent years.
  • League One: Traditionally known as the hardest to get out of for teams trying to win promotion. Is a hard physical league, and teams need a good form to survive and prosper at this level.
  • League Two: The fourth tier of English football is another tough league, with teams battling at one end of the table to win promotion and start their climb up the football ladder, and, at the other end, to escape the dreaded drop into non-league soccer.

  • Most popular football tips for the weekend

      When it comes to the type of bets available, here are some football tips for the weekend to consider, as being amongst the most popular.

  • Both teams to score: This is a very popular bet because of its simplicity, and the multitude of opportunities it offers a player to win. This is simply stating that, in a match between both teams, that each will find the net at least once. This is much less risky than trying to predict the correct score between both teams. Also has the benefit that the interest in the bet remains until the last minute of a match. Manchester City might be hammering Huddersfield 7 – 0 at home, but if you have bet on the away team and they score an injury-time consolation goal, your bet will still succeed.
  • Under 2.5 goals: Variation of one of the most popular wagers in all of sports betting, commonly known in industry parlance as “overs and unders”. This is a bet where the score between the teams at 90 minutes will be 2 goals or less.
  • Football Accumulator tips for this weekend: This type of headline can often be seen on online betting websites. In essence, it is offering guidance for those wanting to place an accumulator bet, wich means they place several matches in a single bet. This is a high risk, high reward bet – it will only succeed if all the parts of the bet win. On the other hand, it usually offers a very high pay-out for a single stake.

  • Why Saturday is so special to make football tips?

      When it comes to making football predictions for the weekend, whilst you can read both Saturday and Sunday football tips online, it should be remembered that Saturday is still the single most popular day for football matches to be paid. This also means that it also offers the most matches on which to bet.

    In terms of weekend football fixture predictions, there are some Saturday football tips to keep in mind. Premier League matches start at the traditional kick-of time of 3 pm BST may the easiest to predict. That is because the high-profile games between the traditional big teams tend to shift on Sunday. Also because the maximum TV audience.

    Football predictions by fixtures and weekend schedule

      And, as with all weekend football fixture predictions, those who want to succeed need to be prepared to put in the time beforehand when it comes to homework. Learn about the teams involved, their strengths and weaknesses, home and away form.

    In other respects, Saturday football tips are no different than those that apply on any other day. One common mistake that people make, is to fail to take into account the context of a match or competition. Chelsea should easily beat Fulham on paper, but due to the rivalry, Fulham try harder to beat the other team. Equally cup competitions in all countries have a long tradition of throwing-up surprises.

    With a little research, you can use your new found knowledge to increase the accuracy of your weekend football predictions.

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