Arsenal keeps their Europa League dream alive
Arsenal keeps their Europa League dream alive

Arsenal keeps their Europa League dream alive with the help of Lacazette and Aubameyang

In what can be termed as a nervous and nail-biting experience for Arsenal fans, Unai Emery’s team first leg semi-final against Valencia was nothing short of a dramatic experience. The match showcased the weak defensive state of Arsenal, while at the same time highlighted their skills and confidence level.

The first half of the game saw Valencia players tearing apart the weak defence of the Gunnars. This was further cemented with a corner goal from Mouctar Diakhaby which saw Valencia’s players filling with confidence early on in the game.

This scene looked all too familiar for Arsenal as they were being outclassed early on in the game. Predictions were already pouring in stating that UK and KSE owned team would be facing imminent defeat as they were already out of form.

However, despite Arsenal’s amateurish defensive skills which caused widespread panic and worry amongst the fans, this feeling was short lived. The brilliant pairing of Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang did the trick for the Gunnars.

Arsenal came back with a bang as Lacazette was able to get a score, which was precisely slid to him by Aubameyang from 40 yards away. The mood suddenly changed for the Gunnars as Lacazette was able to make quick work of a confused Neto, which led to him scoring a second goal. Lacazette as such was able to score two goals under seven minutes.

The atmosphere changed after half-time as Arsenal displayed disciplined gameplay, which saw Valencia’s being outclassed by the Gunnars in every way. With Arsenal in the lead, it looked as though they still needed a third goal to solidify their dominance. Lacazette was given numerous opportunities to score a hat trick; however, the efforts seemed futile.

Arsenal’s chances of scoring another goal seemed to be far from reality at this point; however, Emery’s side was in for a surprise. A quality pass from Kolasinac delivered an opening for Aubameyang, and he did not fail to deliver. The third goal gave Arsenal the much need approval, giving Arsenal a superb comeback, while also keeping their Europa League dreams alive.