Andres Iniesta supersedes Lukas Podolski as captain of Vissel Kobe following an unfavorable start to a new summer

  • Vissel Kobe has declared midfielder Andres Iniesta as their new captain.
  • The Spaniard superseded German Lukas Podolski who surrendered his captainship a week before.
  • The J-League club had a tumultuous start to the season with the departure of their boss, Juan Manuel Lillo.
  • The J-League Club chose Andres Iniesta as the new Vissel Kobe’s captain just a week ago after his teammate German Lukas Podolski surrendered the armband.

    Vissel Kobe posted on Twitter which states that the central midfielder Iniesta, who have stayed with the club for over a year, would take over the charge, and aided by the Japanese duo, Hotaru Yamaguchi and Daigo Nishi.

    Iniesta is expected to deliver a calming presence to the J-League Club who has grappled during a disturbing start to the season after coach Lillo left Kobe.

    With the departure of Coach Juan Manuel Lillo a week ago, Takayuki Yoshida returned to take up another stint with Vissel Kobe. It is unknown whether the Japanese Yoshida will continue as the in charge for the rest of the season of the J-League Club.

    Predictions from several Japanese media reporters forecast that the former Chelsea manager, Andre Villas-Boas may likely take over as the coach for Kobe.

    Following the departure of Lillo from Kobe, Podolski surrendered and renounced his armband as the club captain at Kobe. The German also posted on social site his concern which gave a hint about the turbulence and dishonesty in the J-League club.

    Podolski’s post reads, “Stop expecting loyalty from people who can’t even give you honesty.”

    Even though Vissel Kobe Club has World Cup heroes like Iniesta, Podolski and David Villa, the club remains in the 11th spot in the 18-team league, as it failed three out of their last four matches.

    Vissel Kobe Club bankrolled and supported by Rakuten Inc; the Japanese e-commerce tycoon who is also the benefactor of Iniesta’s previous club, Barcelona.